THE BAUERs tradition

THE BAUERs has set an exceptional hospitality in Venice since opening the doors in 1880. Originally, the hotel was known as the Bauer-Grünwald due in part to a little Venetian romance. A young, enterprising Austrian by the name of Julius Grünwald arrived in Venice, and promptly fell in love with the daughter of Mr. Bauer, the well-respected Director of Venice's Hotel de la Ville. Appreciating the young Grünwald's head for business and grand style, Mr.Bauer approved of the match and history was made. A hotel business followed, and after the two young ones were married, the partnership between the two men was complete and firmly established a Bauer tradition of family management that continues to this day.

After Grünwald's death, the hotel was sold in 1930 to Arnaldo Bennati, a successful Ligurian shipbuilder with a keen nose for real estate and a passion for the hospitality industry. Bennati undertook the first extensive renovation of the hotel which included the rebuilding of the original 18-century facade in Gothic-Byzantine style. An interesting, modern contrast designed in the architectural style of the day was constructed as a complete new wing on Campo San Moisè. Further highlights of the renovation included the addition of the 7th floor terrace, Settimo Cielo...still the highest outdoor terrace in Venice. When the Bauer reopened in 1949, it was the most up-to-date and stylish hotel in Venice.

Today, the Bauer is run by a third generation of the Bennati family. In 1997, Francesca Bortolotto Possati, granddaughter of Arnaldo Bennati, became Chairwoman and CEO of the hotel. In the spirit of her grandfather, her first act at the helm was to undertake a massive renovation of the hotel, which encompassed everything from engineering and systems to decor and furnishings.

Completed in late 1999, the Bauer has been reconceived as a property with two unique personalities in one building: the BAUER L'HOTEL, a luxury, five-star hotel in art-deco style with a contemporary look and feel, and the BAUER Il PALAZZO, an opulent boutique hotel reconfirming its 18th-century identity while giving guests an opportunity to experience the life of Venetian palazzo living, most rooms with terrace views. The renovation has seamlessly wed state-of-the-art technology to the traditional artisan craftsmanship for which Venice is world-renowned.

In Spring 2005, Francesca Bortolotto Possati made an additional restoration investment and added a new extension to the Bauer Hotels. This annex, the Bauer Casa Nova, is a 16th-century home next to BAUER HOTEL and allows guests the opportunity to choose the intimacy of an elegant, private residence with all the amenities of it's 5-stars host. Restored with all the embellishments of classic Venetian style, the apartments are tucked away in a quiet "calle" between historical art treasures and the finest shops creating a residential haven in the heart of Venice and a choice alternative to hotel living.

Inheriting her grandfather's eye for real estate and indulging in her own passion of revitalizing and blending ancient art with contemporary style, Bortolotto Possati planned and implemented a careful restoration of a 16th century convent designed by famed Renaissance architect, Andrea Palladio. Standing abandoned for over 100 years, this piece of Venetian history was brought back to life and re-opened in the Fall of 2006. The new BAUER PALLADIO HOTEL & SPA is a relaxing retreat harmonizing the ancient structure to the wellness culture of today in a blend of large gardens, cool tones and modern luxury with Venetian flair.