Slip of the Tongue

04/12/2015 to 12/31/2015
The title of the exhibition is borrowed from the artist Nairy Baghramian (born in 1971), who has been in active conversation with Danh Vo. Three of her installations are presented. Indeed, the exhibition can also be seen as an attempt at mapping friendship, as several other artistic interlocutors


05/09/2015 to 11/22/2015
The complexity of the universe has always fascinated mankind, which has constantly sought to reveal its mysteries, the origins and laws underlying creation and existence itself. What is there in common between the arrangement of sunflower seeds, the conglomerations of galaxies, a Gothic cathedral,


03/06/2015 to 04/24/2015
March, 6th    10 pm   Riccardo Arrighini March, 13th   10 pm   Duende Originals   March, 20th   10 pm   Daniele Raimondi Trio   March, 27th   10 pm   Rael Trio feat.

Precious - Da Picasso a Jeff Koons

02/08/2015 to 04/12/2015
From Pablo Picasso to Jeff Koons, from Louise Bourgeois to Damien Hirst, from Lucio Fontana to Anish Kapoor. A unique collection of art jewelry on show for the first time in Italy, at VITRARIA Glass +A Museum.